[Pdns-users] Using PowerDNS Express...please help

Thalgor Draclander thalgor at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 6 19:54:39 UTC 2005

I am using PowerDNS express as the DNS server for my home server, which is 
running a simple forum. I had a couple of questions on setting everything 
up, and the FAQ did not give me the information I am looking for.

I own a domain name (www.orderofthewhiterose.org) which was purchased 
through GoDaddy. I but the DNS drivers for PowerDNS in the DNS section. In 
setting up on PwerDNS, which option do I use (slave or master)? With slave, 
it allows me to put in my IP address, but then doesn't seem to be forwarding 
the traffic when the domain name is used (gets 404 error). Setting up as a 
master doesn't seem to work either, probably because of wrong settings.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. If more information is 
needed, please let me know.


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