[Pdns-users] Recursion needs bind ?

Steven J. Sobol sjsobol at JustThe.net
Sun Jul 10 05:49:31 UTC 2005

On Sun, 10 Jul 2005 testacc at xs4all.nl wrote:

> > You can use the pdns_recursor which comes with PowerDNS, and point the
> > powerdns server that way.
> Yes, indeed, that was the idea, also following the documentation. But to
> what server ? All the root-servers of to the bind-machine ?

You point the authoritative server to whatever machine you have 
pdns_recursor running on. They both can be running on the same server. My 
PowerDNS authoritative daemon and my recursor are both running on the same 
computer, and I just point the main (authoritative) daemon to

Check the list archive. I just recently (within the last week or two)  
posted the relevant portion of my config file to this mailing list.

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