[Pdns-users] web interface software

Alessandro De Zorzi lota at klez.it
Tue Jul 5 08:34:08 UTC 2005

lonnie at outstep.com wrote:

> Recently, I have installed PowerAdmin for PowerDNS, which is an open
> source web interface and although it is pretty good, it does not
> allow for the creation of PTR records easily from what i can see as
> I wish to be able to Reverse Lookup my domains as well.

Phamm http://phamm.rhx.it/ have a plugin for PDNS
this is the demo on-line http://phamm.radiowave.net

PDNS plugin do not support the reverse at this time, but recently in
phamm list someone proposed to introduce this feature, I don't use this
feature but if you are interested to Phamm and you can help to us, we
could introduce this feature in very little time :-P

Alessandro De Zorzi

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