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Dennis Megarry pdns at megarry.com
Mon Jul 4 17:57:08 UTC 2005

The only one I've seen or heard of is PowerAdmin, but its dead, dead, dead..
No one ever returns emails and the latest version that is up there with some
mod's from Dennis (not me) that may do the trick, but its missing the
database structure and the install doesn't create the missing tables
either..  Lots of error's popup that are not easily traced..


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> Greeting All,
> I am so very happy with what I have seen with my new PowerDNS.
> Thanks for a wonderful product!!!!!
> Recently, I have installed PowerAdmin for PowerDNS, which is an open
> source web interface and although it is pretty good, it does not
> allow for the creation of PTR records easily from what i can see as
> I wish to be able to Reverse Lookup my domains as well.
> Can someone please tell me of some better web based software that I
> might take a look at that is a little more advanced?
> Thanks,
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