[Pdns-users] Reverse lookups?

Mathew Walker mat at hypermax.net.au
Sun Jul 3 23:33:21 UTC 2005


You basically do the reverse of a forward domain lookup.

Insert a domain into the "domains" table with a name of

Then when you add reverse PTR records for that domain you'd insert


You'll obviously have to insert the correct domain_id and your TTL and
changedate, but I hope you get the picture.


Mathew Walker

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I'd like to thank everyone who help me get everything configured and

PowerDNS looks to be exactly what I have been looking to get

I did have one other question.

Now it seems that if I have a domain name then I can do something like:

nslookup www.outstep.com

but what about doing reverse lookups


How can I get reverse lookup working for my domains?

Lonnie Cumberland
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