[Pdns-users] domain registar question

lonnie at outstep.com lonnie at outstep.com
Sun Jul 3 23:55:28 UTC 2005

Hello All,

I am wondering something and maybe you can help.

Currently, I have a few domains registered over at GoDaddy.com and
using the ZoneEdit.com service as the DNS server which points to my

What I would like to do is to be able to use my new PowerDNS instead
of ZoneEdit so that I have more control over my domains.

The problem is that trying to set my new DNS servers on GoDaddy is
not working and their software does not allow for me to enter
anything like

ns1.outstep.com (
ns2.outstep.com (

The will only accept names like:


but i have no way of tying my dns server name to an IP.

Does anyone have any idea or suggestions as to what I can do to
resolve this problem?

What we are actually working towards doing is to set up a small web
hosting and registrar provider so that we could be independent of
both ZoneEdit and GoDaddy. At least that's the goal.

Lonnie Cumberland
OutStep Technologies Incorporated
CELL: 313-333-2935
FAX: 619-639-2888

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