[Pdns-users] Use user questions

Steve Sobol sjsobol at JustThe.net
Sun Jul 3 22:01:55 UTC 2005

Charles Galpin wrote:

>> If PDNS gets a query it can't answer itself, it'll send it to the 
>> recursor, which is running on the same server. The recursor will go 
>> get the answer from the appropriate DNS server elswhere on the Internet.
>> You'll generally want to set allow-recursion to only allow certain IPs 
>> to make recursive queries, too.
> I still haven't found the time to play with pdns, but am hoping to soon. 
> Can you please clarify this last statement? Is the suggested 
> configuration to not actually use pdns for general DNS, but just on hand 
> to answer for the domains it is authoritative for? 

Y'know, when I wrote that I was really thinking AXFR, not recursion. Now I'm 
reading it, and it looks wrong. ;p

(Open AXFRs can be considered a security hole because you're letting 
everyone know about the location of live servers)

So let me modify that statement: It depends on how you are using PDNS. I 
have a cablemodem at home, with a dynamic IP address, so I just allow 
recursion from anywhere because I set myself up (and occasionally set up my 
clients) to use my PDNS server. If you don't have to do so, don't do it. 
You'll avoid some unnecessary DNS traffic.

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