[Pdns-users] DNS resolving issue from behind a firewall

Jim Hodapp james.hodapp at indianalifesciences.com
Wed Jul 27 22:10:56 UTC 2005

I have an issue where I cannot resolve external domain names that are  
hosted at NetworkSolutions for websites that are hosted on local  
network web servers. These sites are viewable if you view them from  
outside of our local corporate network, but are not able to be viewed  
from within the local corporate network. I tried creating a local A  
record for the domain to point directly to the local webserver, but  
it seems that PDNS is still consulting the recursing DNS server that  
I point PDNS to instead of the local A entry. I even have the allow- 
recursion-override=yes option turned on in my pdns.conf file. I am  
not sure how to set PDNS up so that it will return the local IP of  
the web server instead of the public IP address of the company firewall.


Jim Hodapp

Senior Project Engineer

Indiana Life Sciences Inc.


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