[Pdns-users] New windows release

Brent Wiese brently at bjwcs.com
Tue Jul 26 21:42:21 UTC 2005

Have 2.9.15 running on a few windows 2000/2003 boxes. The recursor dies 
periodically (anywhere from 5 min to a day or 2), which also seems to 
make authoritative queries stop.

I think it may be stopping from malformed packets; something it looks 
like is addressed in later versions on unix. Will there be an updated 
win32 build soon? Please?

In case someone may have other suggestions, they're all running on MS 
SQL via ODBC. 2 use a remote MS SQL (same subnet/switch) and 2 use local 
instances. Seems to happen faster on the ones using the remote box, but 
not significantly enough to blame it on that.


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