[Pdns-users] axfr troubles

Curtis Maurand curtis at maurand.com
Thu Jul 21 14:02:35 UTC 2005

 I've never gotten an answer to the problem so I'm reposing the 
question.  I have two seemingly similar master name servers.  One seems 
to be working the other is not.  One of them is serving up zones just 
fine and allowing the transfers.  They are all transferring the zones 
but complaining about missing serial numbers which means they are not 
parsing the SOA records properly.  I can get over that except that they 
are retransferring the zones every minute, rather than comparing their 
SOA records and then transferring the zones if the serial number is 

One of my names servers which is authoritative for a zone keeps telling 
the slave that its not.

[pdns] Not authoritative for 'superseeds.com', sending servfail to

I've deleted and recreated the zone more times than I'd like to.  It 
usually gets an SOA record of:

superseeds.com   SOA   superseeds.com hostmaster.xyonet.com 0 10800 3600 
86400 3600

relevant settings in the pdns.conf

# allow-xfer-ips

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