[Pdns-users] Bug - PTR/Reverse DNS not working on Windows

Sune Christesen sune at activewebs.dk
Wed Jul 6 10:04:33 UTC 2005

After alot of testing i have come to the conclusion that PTR records/Reverse
DNS doesn't work under Windows.
My test setup was two Windows 2003 web edition servers, with a mysql backend
(godbc based). The DNS servers answered regular domain queries just fine,
but couldn't seem to find my PTR records even though they were configured
properly (the exact same database worked just fine when starting pdns at
Linux Debian later on).
Also it seems that there's a lack of support for the logging options
(query-logging for example), anyone knows where these logs are stored on
windows, if even supported? They aren't in the event log.
Thanks to the PowerDNS users at IRCNet for great help on this matter - your
help was much appreciated.
If anyone has managed to get PTR records successfully working with the
Windows build of 2.9.15, then please step forward :)
Kind regards,
Sune Christesen
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