[Pdns-users] Internationalized Domain Names

Owen Borseth owen at domainsite.com
Thu Feb 24 15:48:21 UTC 2005

I have done a lot of work on IDN at DomainSite.com and Name.com, two 
domain registrars that I work for. I wrote a Punycode converter in PHP 
available at http://punycode.bluerider.com/idn/. All registries have 
standardized on Punycode and the old RACE codes are no longer being 
used. If the native representation was used in pdns it would not work on 
the Internet at large because clients (mozilla, opera, various IE plug 
ins, etc) query DNS using the Punycode string. I think any kind of 
unicode -> punycode conversion taking place in pdns would just be dead 

- Owen Borseth

bert hubert wrote:

>On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 03:17:39PM +0100, Simon ?stengaard wrote:
>>There is no such thing as native IDN. IDN domains used to be represented
>>by their race encoded version in DNS. Now all the TLDs have switched to
>>punycode I think. E.g.  IDN race puny
>>?stengaard.dk     bq--ad4hg5dfnztwcylsmq.dk    xn--stengaard-k8a.dk
>To a point :-) Let's say we allow people to just store ?stengaard.dk in the
>database directly, or in named.conf or in the zone file, and we do the
>punycode conversion in the nameserver.

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