[Pdns-users] Internationalized Domain Names

Jeroen Wunnink jeroen at easyhosting.nl
Thu Feb 24 15:42:35 UTC 2005

I think this is more a task for the frontend then one for the backend or 
pdns.., decode the punycode to show the special characters onscreen in the 
(php) app itself..

At 15:20 24-2-2005, you wrote:
>On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 03:17:39PM +0100, Simon ?stengaard wrote:
> > There is no such thing as native IDN. IDN domains used to be represented
> > by their race encoded version in DNS. Now all the TLDs have switched to
> > punycode I think. E.g.  IDN race puny
> > ?stengaard.dk     bq--ad4hg5dfnztwcylsmq.dk    xn--stengaard-k8a.dk
>To a point :-) Let's say we allow people to just store ?stengaard.dk in the
>database directly, or in named.conf or in the zone file, and we do the
>punycode conversion in the nameserver.
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