[Pdns-users] Dynamic DNS

Kristof Hardy kristof.hardy at catsanddogs.com
Mon Feb 21 07:48:33 UTC 2005

Tang Hui wrote:
>>I think we offer something like that on http://express.powerdns.com, but
>>it is easy to setup yourself.
> I look for it too, but no result yet.
> Would you like to start a project to do it?

I believe you could do that securely (on linux at least) by using ssh to 
execute a 'remote command'.. (the client should execute a MySQL update 
query on the pdns server) Seems fairly easy, no idea about windows, but 
I guess it'll be possible..

Or.. let the (dynamic-) dns server run apache and php, and execute a php 
script (with some parameters) that does the updating.

When our DNS migration is finished I'll be needing something alike, if 
anyone already starts playing with this, any feedback is welcome. If 
not, I'll share my experiences anyway :-)

Best regards,

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