[Pdns-users] Apologies + Memory hitch in Windows

MRJ InfoTech Admin admin at mrjdesign.net
Sun Dec 18 18:46:34 UTC 2005

First of all, my apologies to the lot who received my posts to the wrong list.
I apparently misread the initial sign up page and the messages following, I 
assumed was getting into this group and nowhere else.

Now, for something much more mission critical.

Having battled a few minor bugs, I have finally managed to make PDNS work 
on my PC running Windows XP Pro SP1.

My configuration is as follows.

Workstation for testing:

     Windows XP Pro SP1, 1 GB RAM and 2 GB free space on D-drive where PDNS 

Server for deployment:

     Windows XP Pro SP1, 512 Mb RAM, 160 GB free space on MX/ DNS drive 

Upon my initial tests I have had no problems with the server running 
simultaneous to my browser and other applications.

After inserting an RP value into the MDB file, I came upon a very odd 
The memory Commit Charge is running up form the regular 191 MB to over 1200 MB.

I assume this is caused by PDNS not understanding the message I inserted in 
the RP value, or when other values are erroneous as well.

I would like for this purpose to know, if anyone could tell me exactly how 
the RP value should be inserted to
test this theory of mine, and discard any fears of PDNS not being properly 
working on my windows box.

The value I had inserted was the following.


Of course, a bunch of other values too but they are irrelevant as the 
application worked before this.


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