[Pdns-users] Regarding secondary zones

David Taylor davetaylor at frontiernet.net
Mon Apr 25 18:00:10 UTC 2005

I'm not sure I fully understand and would like some clarification on how
I expect secondary zones to work.  We are going to be using PDNS with a
native replication configuration.  The backend will be the generic-mysql
backend.  So all of our primary zones will be loaded as NATIVE by
default.  But the secondary zones will need to be loaded as SLAVE with
their primary NS listed under the master field.  Correct so far?
In this configuration, will PDNS automatically try to perform a zone
transfer for the zone file of any secondary zone we enter into the DB?
Or would we either need to do this manually or tell PDNS to do this?
If this isn't a clear question, let me know and I'll try to elaborate.
Thanks in advance.
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