[Pdns-users] Disabling / Locking domains for a certain time

Tobias Orlamuende tobias at webspace4you.ch
Fri Apr 22 08:07:36 UTC 2005

Hi folks,

we are thinking about using PDNS as replacement for our Bind-servers.
Due to the fact, that we are an ISP and have lots of customers, sometimes it 
will be needed to lock a domain on DNS-level if a customer doesn't pay his 
Until now, we did just a quick renaming of Bind's .dns-file to .dnsx.
Is there any possibility and if yes, which one(s), to do this with PDNS using 
the gmysql-backend?
IMHO a second table like "domains_locked" where the record of the affected 
domain from table "domains" would be moved should do it, but due to the fact 
that field "id" on table "domains" has auto_increment, it would give problems 
if the record moved to the other table, is the last one and a new record is 
inserted in the meantime. Ok, it seems to be a very seldom scenario, but with 
a big amount of domains to manage, it could be possible.

How do other ISPs solve this with PDNS?

If somebody made a change like this and maybe has it implemented to 
powerdnsadmin, I'd be very hapy to hear how it works and get a diff or patch.
Currently it seems to me, that powerdnsadmin is the only "well-known" tool, 
which has ongoing development. Am I right with this?

TIA for all answers.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Kind regards

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