[Pdns-users] SERIAL in SOA 2147483649 !!!!!

Harald Kapper hk at kapper.net
Wed Sep 29 17:39:08 UTC 2004

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 18:13:24 +0400, Andreas <andreas at j8.com.ru> wrote:

>again I rise this question for our developer!
>In BIND the serial in SOA is UNSIGNED INT!
>But in our lovely PDNS it is NOT UNSIGNED! BUT SIGNED! So i have trouble with increment

it's been discussed here several times and a bug-ticket is open here.

problem: the bugfix is not sooo easy to implement (as I understand it)

I guess you'll have to take the ugly way to reduce your serial to "0" (or
similar) and wait for the world's caching nameservers to timeout with your old
entries - just make sure your own slave-servers at least are forced to load the
new zone containing a minor-serial.

btw. by using the suggested YYYYMMDDnn format you'd never had this kind of


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