[Pdns-users] NATIVE zones and slave operation

Heidrich Attila attila at heidrich.hu
Tue Sep 14 10:51:29 UTC 2004

hello everyone!

i am new on list, can send me RTFMs as well!

We would like to build a small provider-size (>3500zones) DNS. We
imagined, that the main server will be behind strict firewalls, and two
replicas will act as authoritative NS (NATIVE type) for the zones. This
is pretty OK with pdns and MySQL.. All controll is in our hand at the
database master - call it main server. [We are creating a frontend as
well, probably once will be GPLed - the current ones (poweradmin,
powerdnsadmin) does not handle large number of zones well.]

BUT: we would like to act as secondary for some customers as well. 

- The main server can not be slave, becouse it is behind firewalls, and
not even mentioned in the zones.
- The replicas can not be slave, becouse they can not modify the records
table, since this is only replicated from the main, which means, that
the zone updates can not reach them!

Currently we are considering two workarounds: 
1. placing the main outside, and acting as master, and replica-master as
well - not welcomed by the operation.
2. running different servers for slave operation (at least on different
IPs) - management can not be so simple, as it is now.

Can anyone give some very clever advice please??

Heidrich Attila <attila at heidrich.hu>
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