[Pdns-users] pdns_recursor?

Maikel Verheijen maikel.verheijen at active24.nl
Thu Oct 7 10:18:09 UTC 2004

Hi List,

My apologies if this is answered before, but I wasn't subscribed for a 
while, and I couldn't find it in the archives.

while trying to get the pdns_recorsor to listen on a high port, I 
noticed the following behaviour (on FreeBSD 5.2.1):

fruttel# /usr/local/sbin/pdns_recursor --local-port 1054
Oct 07 11:38:39 It is advised to bind to explicit addresses with the 
--local-address option
Oct 07 11:38:39 Incoming query source port: 0
Oct 07 11:38:39 Done priming cache with root hints
fruttel# sockstat | grep rec
root     pdns_recur 76934 5  dgram  -> /var/run/log
root     pdns_recur 76934 6  udp4   *:16807               *:*
root     pdns_recur 76934 7  udp4   *:59100               *:*
root     pdns_recur 76934 8  tcp4   *:53793               *:*

When trying to use the recursor I found out that the 16807 port is 
constantly listening (but not responding to dns requests), the 59100 
port is listening to dns requests (but dynamic, so after a restart it 
is listening to a new port) and the tcp port doesn't seem to answer 
either, and is also changing.

When i configure everything using the configuration file, it seems to 
work ok.

Is this a freebsd specific problem, or a general problem?

I am using powerdns 2.9.16.

Kind regards,

Maikel Verheijen
Active 24
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