[Pdns-users] SQL implementation questions

Ryan Baldwin rbaldwin at point2.com
Wed May 26 12:45:56 UTC 2004

Personally, I think it makes zero sense to have the SOA record as part of the domains table... I mean, if you really wanted to break the SOA record out of the normal records table, the best ides would to either normalize it and have an SOA table... but that's overkill... I don't see what the big deal is about having the SOA record's content all in a single field is... yea, sure, at first look it seems like it can be a real pain in the ass, but It's used so rarely that any pain in the ass that would exist would be totally moot.
In my SQL impelementation (SQL Server on Win Server 2000) I simply wrote stored procs on the domain and record tables to update the SOA serial whenever something outside of the PDNS app actually modifies a record (the front end I wrote, as well as another one of our web-apps that integrates PDNS).  Bing Bang Boom, done and done and it's lightning fast.
- ryan.


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I want to explain my point of view here. I thing the better place for SOA
records will be in domains table, not in records table.
Why ?

1. SOA record must be for each domain
2. SOA record must be exactly one
3. we can very easy parse row and edit "id, name, master, last_check, type,
notified_serial, account, SOA, HOSTMASTER, SERIAL, REFRESH, RETRY, EXP, MIN"
4. ask for serial for master/slave can be from one row in one table
5. we can have (name,type,content) as key in records table if we move soa to
domains table

Am i wrong ?

Martin Kuchar

> > The SOA record is as full text line recorded in one cell.
> Is this good
> > choice ? It can not be better to have serial, refresh,
> retry, expire and
> > minimum in separate columns or rows ? Its hard to parse and
> can be hole for
> > future editing.
> It'd be an excess pain in the ass, having to have separate
> columns just
> for that one row type. Bert doesn't seem to think the performance hit
> for parsing the SOA record's fields is significant enough to worry
> about, and it hasn't seemed to be an issue so far.

> Derrik Pates
> dpates at dsdk12.net

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