[Pdns-users] SQL implementation questions

Martin Kuchar lists at nss.wproduction.cz
Wed May 26 12:27:48 UTC 2004

I want to explain my point of view here. I thing the better place for SOA
records will be in domains table, not in records table.
Why ?

1. SOA record must be for each domain
2. SOA record must be exactly one
3. we can very easy parse row and edit "id, name, master, last_check, type,
notified_serial, account, SOA, HOSTMASTER, SERIAL, REFRESH, RETRY, EXP, MIN"
4. ask for serial for master/slave can be from one row in one table
5. we can have (name,type,content) as key in records table if we move soa to
domains table

Am i wrong ?

Martin Kuchar

> > The SOA record is as full text line recorded in one cell. 
> Is this good
> > choice ? It can not be better to have serial, refresh, 
> retry, expire and
> > minimum in separate columns or rows ? Its hard to parse and 
> can be hole for
> > future editing.
> It'd be an excess pain in the ass, having to have separate 
> columns just 
> for that one row type. Bert doesn't seem to think the performance hit 
> for parsing the SOA record's fields is significant enough to worry 
> about, and it hasn't seemed to be an issue so far.

> Derrik Pates
> dpates at dsdk12.net

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