[Pdns-users] # of queries/second ?

Jeroen Wunnink jeroen at easyhosting.nl
Thu Mar 18 14:00:53 UTC 2004

I've advised them to subscribe here.., so they can give some more 
details.., me acting as a message relayer isn't gonne work I think ;-)

At 15:00 18-3-2004, you wrote:
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>Depends. I'm getting a maximum of 240 queries/s on my 600MHz notebook
>(PDNS and OpenLDAP on the same machine) if I disable caching
>Remember that you will never get the same speed with a database
>backend as with an in-memory backend (bindbackend for example). The
>trick is to use high values for cache-ttl and and the other -ttl
>options to avoid lookups from the database.

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