[Pdns-users] Solaris 8 with gmysql compile error - 2.9.16

Roderick Groesbeek powerdns at roderick.triple-it.nl
Mon Mar 8 17:28:57 UTC 2004

Hi Petros,

> From: "Petros Diveris" <petros at urban-eye.com>
> It  seems that the #IFDEF SOLARIS on line 227 didn't actually do anything
so I had to "force" it to use the Solaris specific line, i.e. makecontext
(uc, void (*) (...))threadWrapper, 4, this, start, maxtid, val);
> After that, the code compiled and built fine but obviously I can't really
deploy if I am not sure about whether I am doing something wrong or there
are probs with Solaris 8?
> Any ideas/suggestions much appreciated.

Before you configure set your CXXFLAGS to '-DSOLARIS'.
CXXFLAGS="-DSOLARIS " ./configure --with-dyn-modules="gmysql pipe pdns
xdb" --wi
th-mysql-lib=/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql  --with-mysql-includes=/usr/local/my
include/mysql --enable-verbose-logging --enable-recursor && make

I categorized it as GCC bug (dependency, namespace, whatever).
I just added
+#include "pdns/utility.hh"
to the two header files.

Maybe together we can find the origin of the problem,
and maybe we should inspect the -E output.

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