[Pdns-users] Secondary MX

MrDemeanour mrdemeanour at jackpot.uk.net
Fri Mar 26 09:19:45 UTC 2004

Hi, I'm new to the list (and fairly green with PDNS).

I am running a simple, single zone with my own MX (Sendmail). I have set 
up two secondaries to point to my ISP's inbound relays; my fourth, and 
lowest-priority MX points back to my primary. The idea is that I have 
spam-filtering on my MX, and that spammers frequently send to a 
secondary to avoid filtering.

PDNS is serving only the first three MX records - the lowest-prioority 
record has gone to lunch. I understand this is a bug; is there a fix?

I have a second question (which might not relate specifically to PDNS): 
how can I set up my domain so that http://mydomain.net points to the 
same address as http://www.mydomain.net? If I set up an A record for 
mydomain.net, that's all that PDNS will serve for the domain, even if I 
ask for ANY record. As a consequence, my DNS would be broken - no NS 
records, no MX records.


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