[Pdns-users] Slaving from ipv6 master.

Laurent Fousse laurent at komite.net
Fri Jul 9 13:07:09 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I have troubles slaving a domain from an ipv6 master. I use a bind
backend where the master is specified with a

	masters { ...};

line. Trying to fill in the dots with the ipv6 address didn't work,
and the log shows that powerdns only considers the first part of the

	Unable to ask query of 2001:888: Invalid argument

If I use the hostname (which only has an AAAA record and no A record),
the error messages becomes:

	Timeout waiting for answer

I get the same errors if I use the sqlite backend instead of the bind
backend (again, trying to specify the master first with the ipv6
address, then with the hostname). And powerdns is setup to answer
queries on an ipv6 address, if it makes any difference.

So, my question is: is this supposed to work? If so, which kind of
syntax is needed?

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