[Pdns-users] "Can't determine backend for domain" for superslave

Laurent Fousse laurent at komite.net
Tue Jul 6 20:03:15 UTC 2004


I'm trying to setup a superslave powerdns server using a sqlite
backend. When sending a notify from the master I see this in the logs:

Jul  5 23:39:37 mordor pdns[7816]: Received NOTIFY for satan-project.org from for which we are not authoritative
Jul  5 23:39:37 mordor pdns[7816]: Created new slave zone 'satan-project.org' from supermaster, queued axfr
Jul  5 23:39:38 mordor pdns[7816]: gsqlite: connection to '/etc/powerdns/zone.db' succesful
Jul  5 23:39:38 mordor pdns[7816]: Can't determine backend for domain 'satan-project.org'

My sqlite database is supposedly correct (pasted from the doc), and
the supermasters table has the correct entry. Any idea how I could
find what's wrong? Changing the backend to gmysql instead of gsqlite
works, but I'd like to avoid mysql if it's possible.

I'm using version 2.9.16.


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