[Pdns-users] no AXFR to slaves

Michiel van Es info at pcintelligence.nl
Sun Jan 18 22:20:21 UTC 2004

bert hubert wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 18, 2004 at 10:58:00PM +0100, Michiel van Es wrote:
>>Jan 18 21:55:59 server pdns[10709]: Unable to queue notification of 
>>domain 'boebilas.nl': nameservers do not resolve!
> Your nameservers probably do not exist. Please supply more details when
> asking questions, like the contents of your zone.
Strange thing is that the boebilas.nl zone is functioning perfectly!.

This is my pcintelligence.nl zone through poweradmin:

    	Name  	Type  	Content  	Priority  	TTL
	pcintelligence.nl	SOA	pcintelligence.demon.nl 
hostmaster at pcintelligence.nl 2004011805		3600
	pcintelligence.nl	NS	pcintelligence.demon.nl		3600
	pcintelligence.nl	NS	ns1.info.nl		3600
	pcintelligence.nl	MX	mail.pcintelligence.nl	10	3600
	test.pcintelligence.nl	A		3600
	webmail.pcintelligence.nl	CNAME	www.pcintelligence.nl		3600
	stats2.pcintelligence.nl	CNAME	www.pcintelligence.nl		3600
	stats.pcintelligence.nl	CNAME	www.pcintelligence.nl		3600
	localhost.pcintelligence.nl	A		3600
	mail.pcintelligence.nl	A		3600
	pcintelligence.nl	A		3600
	www.pcintelligence.nl	A		3600

PS..note the missing IN and other stuff.

How can I view my zone in mysql?




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