[Pdns-users] PowerDNS 2.9.14 has been released!

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Fri Jan 16 22:05:04 UTC 2004

Big release with the fix for the all important 2^30 seconds problem and a
lot of other news.

     * errno problems would cause compilation problems when using LDAP
       (Norbert Sendetzky)

     * The Generic SQL backend could cause crashes on PostgreSQL when using
       pdns_control notify (Georg Bauer)

     * If using the master or slave features, pdns had the notion of eternity
       ending in 2038, except that due to a thinko, eternity ended out to be
       the 10th of January 2004. This caused a loop to timeout immediately.
       Many thanks to Jasper Spaans for spotting the bug within five minutes.

     * Parts of the SOA field were not connonicalized

     * The loglevel could in fact cause nothing to be logged (Norbert


     * The recursor now chooses the fastest nameserver, which causes a big

     * LDAP now has different lookup models

     * Cleanups, better load distribution, better exception handling,
       zone2ldap improvements

     * The recursor was somewhat chatty about TCP connections

     * PostgreSQL now only depends on the C API and not on the deprecated C++

     * PowerDNS can now fully overrule external zones when doing recursion.
       See Chapter 11.

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