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Ryan Baldwin rbaldwin at point2.com
Fri Jan 16 15:01:47 UTC 2004

Also, I should maybe put in my two bits that are meaningful as well.  I
think if PowerDNS for Windows was developed and maintained on a
permanent basis, you definitely would see some commercial interest.
It's a lightweight, fast, and totally configurable DNS server that's
exceptionally easy to integrate within an application.  

I absolutely love working with PowerDNS w/ SQL Server.  Reason being:
Our .NET app here at work does all the select/updates/delete statements
via UpdateGrams.  When we took on PowerDNS it took me 15 minutes to
integrate it into the existing system (write select/update/delete
methods which make use of our UpdateGram classes to integrate with the
PowerDNS server).  It takes milliseconds to create domains, add records,
query, etc.  

Before using PowerDNS we were using Microsoft DNS servers, and
integrating them using Windows Management Instrumentation classes.
Well, to add a zone would take 30 seconds, and that's after we optimized
the heck out of it.  The WMI classes are just inherently brutally slow.
Not only would it take 30 seconds to add a zone, but it would also
utilize the cpu at 100% for those 30 seconds... so of course, any time a
zone was added at the same time as another, that second add attempt
would fail.  Naturally, when we found PowerDNS, it was blissful, a sign
from the heavens, a blessing from the big guy himself.  

I'm positive there's many, many developers out there like myself who are
fed up with Microsoft DNS servers and the fact that they're far more
complex to integrate within a system than they need to be.  A
database-backed dns server is an answer to our prayers.

- ryan.

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Well, you bring up an interesting question.  I for one, personally
speaking and in no way on behalf of the company I work for, would gladly
pay a bit of money if it meant a more stable, more reliable Windows
version of PDNS... assuming, of course, that the cost was not that of a
typical Microsoft pricetag. ;)

- ryan.

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On Windows,

We'd love to have more formal support of it, but that very much depends
if it would generate any business. Now I understand that there is a
chicken/egg situation here, but I'd love to see commercial interest into
supported PowerDNS binaries for windows!

On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 12:37:08PM -0600, Ryan Baldwin wrote:
> I have to agree on this.  We currently are using PowerDNS in a
microsoft environment using MSSQL as the backend.  2.9.6 was wreaking
havoc for quite some time.  Finally, I bit the bullet and downloaded the
source for 2.9.10 and with the help of the pdns irc, I was able to do a
succesful build.  The problems we had in the past with 2.9.6 were fixed
with the 2.9.10 hack that I compiled, but now we're experiencing some
massive memory leaks which are destroying the Christmas holidays for the
Sys Admins on call.  
> It would be really nice to see the PowerDNS for Windows be supported
more to relieve these headaches.  It's been months since the latest
official windows binary was released and the product has matured 7 minor
versions in this time.  I think that's too long without a release of an
official windows binary.  I understand that Windows is second in line,
but there are those of us that are using it in some medium sized
environments which are growing everyday.  Personally, I love PowerDNS.
It's a perfect fit for what we need it for, but the lack of support for
the windows version, which we use here, is really starting to frustrate
upper management because on more than one occasion it's really bitten us
in the behind.  Just my additional 2 cents.  
> - ryan.
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> As a potential Windows user that has gone down the BIND route... I
> that would be a very good idea. I personally wanted to use pdns to
> our buggy MSDNS servers. Sadly the windows support situation scared my
> boss.... and to an extent me... into using BIND. The idea that if
> dropped dead all Win32 pdns support goes out the window doesn't
> confidence. The fact that 2.9.13 is the first release in quite a while
to be
> available for Win32... also doesn't inspire. What if we had been using
> and wanted the bug fixs in 2.9.7 or one of the others that didn't have
> Win32 version? Unless *we* wanted to hire Michel... we would be out of
> Just my 2c....
>   Nick
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> >
> >
> > Not that this affects me, since I run PDNS on Linux - but wouldn't
it be
> > a good idea for PowerDNS BV to hire Michael Stol and actually do
> > development work on the Windows version?
> >
> > It would benefit the community at large and I think it would also
> > benefit the company. I don't see any indication of what PowerDNS BV
> > actually *sells* but given that Windows users are more likely to be
> > cluebies or semi-cluebies that require silly things like support
> > contracts... :) [actually, even if it's a company large enough to
have a
> > competent IT staff, they usually like to have support contracts in
> > to keep support issues from becoming problems] For that matter, why
> > doesn't the company sell support contracts for PowerDNS for *nix? Or
> > does it? There's just not a ton of information on the site about
> > that you would need to pay for - just a mailto link to sales...
> >
> > WRT Windows, yes, I know that two of the biggest competitors to PDNS
> >   free -- BIND and MS DNS. However, PDNS runs rings around both in
> > different ways. (I've used both in the past, when forced to run
> > servers...)
> >
> > Just a thought...
> >
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