[Pdns-users] Need help compiling pdns-2.9.13, perhaps somebody can help..?

Jason Dunbar jason at cold-coffee.co.uk
Fri Jan 16 00:10:36 UTC 2004

Hi there,

This being my first posting to the mailing list.. please  don't flame if 
I make a mistake or don't do this right according to unwritten rules or 

Okay, now that's out of the way, down to the problem.

When attempting to configure pdns-2.9.13 using the following configure 

./configure --enable-pdns-server --enable-recursor --with-modules='gmysql'

I get the following error:

checking for MySQL include directory... configure: error: Didn't find 
                                  the mysql include dir in 
              /usr/local/include/mysql /opt/mysql/include/mysql 
/opt/mysql/include /usr/include/mysql'

So, thinking I know what it is I have done wrong.. I then alter my 
configure line to this:-

./configure --enable-pdns-server --enable-recursor --with-modules='gmysql'

But yet I receive the same error, only this time slightly different 
(because of the obvious path differences):

checking for MySQL library directory... configure: error: Didn't find 
the mysql library dir in 'mysql-standard-4.0.17-pc-linux-i686/lib/mysql 

My MySQL directory is made more easily accessible through using a 
symbolic link, mysql -> mysql-x.x.x etc etc, I thought this was the 
problem at first, and so this is why I stated the full path.

I hope someone can help me as this is driving me up the wall.

Thanking you in advance.

Jason Dunbar

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