[Pdns-users] PDNS consuming all CPU power when master or slave functionality is turned on

Wouter Prins wouter at ifusion.org
Tue Jan 13 16:31:30 UTC 2004

Hi everyone,

After having PowerDNS working perfectly with the gmysql backend i noticed a problem on one of our masters last week. The PDNS and MySQL processes was
taking up all CPU power on one machine. After checking the slaves they were having the same problem.

As soon as i shutdown pdns the load goes back to normal on all machines. I am running the MySQL tables with INNODB support.

When i turn on the logging function of MySQL i see that as soon as i start up PDNS, it loops and is query'ing the DB infinitly. The query's it is
executing is:

                      2 Query       select id,name,master,last_check,notified_serial,type from domains where type='MASTER'
                      2 Query       select id,name,master,last_check,type from domains where type='SLAVE'

When i turn off master and slave support in pdns it works fine again.

I think it is NOT a database problem because i tested it with an empty database and only the required tables and keys on it. When doing this, the
problem still occurs. I recompiled PDNS but it didnt help.

Versions i am using are:
MySQL (with InnoDB) 4.0.17:
PDNS 2.9.13

Also, when i configure pdns to use the bind-backend with only the example zones, it consumes all CPU time..

As soon as i turn off master or slave support everything is back to normal.

Any help or hints would be appreciated! :-)

Kind regards,

Wouter Prins


Some men are discovered; others are found out.

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