[Pdns-users] Please help! High load on master and slave

yomega.info - Stephan Kessler sk at yomega.info
Sat Jan 10 18:14:50 UTC 2004

Dear list,

Since a few hours my master and my slave got very high load. Pdns and
MySQL are on top of the top ;) list with large cpu usage. 

I got an supermaster/slave installation with 2 Servers, in the following
i will call the supermaster simply master and the slave simply slave :)

It first started with my slave sending ca 5 000 questions to my master
on an domain which did not existed on the master (i deleted it and
forgot the slave). As i worked that out the load was still high (1.5,
1.6. ... ). So i took a look on thy mysl query. It seems do select
randomly domains which are in the database.

What can i do? I need immediately help.. Please...

Thank you in advance.


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