[Pdns-users] IDN Support?

Jimmy Persson pdns at webb.se
Tue Feb 3 08:50:07 UTC 2004


PowerDNS has no problems with IDN domains. We have registered tons of IDN
domains and are hosting them with PowerDNS. Just convert the domainname to
punycode and you'll be fine.

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Register your (both traditional and IDN) domains at www.nameisp.com :)
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Best Regards,

Jimmy Persson

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Subject: [Pdns-users] IDN Support?


I'm planning to set up PowerDNS as a replacement of BIND. But since we need
support International Domain Names starting in March, I need to be able to
serve them...

I checked the mail-archives and the documentation, but didn't find anything
about this issue (if there if something which I overlookes, I'm sorry)...

Can somebody enlighten me?


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