[Pdns-users] query problems

Achim Schmidt schmidt at os.waaf.net
Tue Dec 28 17:59:14 UTC 2004

Am Dienstag, den 28.12.2004, 17:30 -0500 schrieb Curtis Maurand:
> In pdns.conf I have "local-address=,"
> when I query the nameserver with dig, I get and error about the response 
> coming from an unexpected source " expected 
>" and it dies.  Most resolvers will.  when I configure 
> the base address of the machine to, it works fine.
> When my dns went down I had set up a virtual nameserver as per the 
> instructions in the documentation.  None of them worked because of the 
> above issue.
> The server should answer from the same address it received the query on.

You should/can/might set


(and local-address=

for a correct virtual nameserver setup


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