Harald Kapper hk at kapper.net
Mon Dec 6 16:28:10 UTC 2004

On Mon,  6 Dec 2004 16:37:33 +0100, Michiel Klaver <m.klaver at drecomm.nl> wrote:

>Slave does not update when deleting zone from (super)master.
>When the slave receives notifies about new domains, or changes in existing 
>domains, it works just fine. But deleting a domain from the supermaster does 
>not update the slave(s).

well this is "per design" - as the dns-notify can't be done to (for the master
at this point in time) not known slaves as those are already deleted in the
database. so basically one has either to maintain the "active domains" manually
by deleting those extinct from all servers or you have to move to
native-mysql-replication in order to have one storage that is synced with all
other hosts and then a delete is replicated automagically to the slaves.


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