[Pdns-users] Problems with Reverse Resolutions

Daniel Romero dromero at ansel.com.mx
Mon Dec 13 17:57:48 UTC 2004

Hi. I use PDNs for a long time and in my point of view, is a great piece of software

A few day ago i add a zone  "a.b.c.in-addr.arpa" with a few hosts inside to resolv "inverse" 
a domain registered in my PDNS. The date is the follow:

Domain:     10.20.30.in-addr.arpa

Records:   Name                                          Type                          Content
              10.20.30.in-addr.arpa                      SOA                          dns1.examples.com   master at word.com
              10.20.30.in-addr.arpa                      NS                            dns1.examples.com
                        PTR                          examples.com
                        PTR                          mail.examples.com   

Well. I use PowerAdmin to add this data (and all my surrent and working data) and  then...
i test my configuration using nslookup from a external conection in 2 tests, the first is using my
PDNS server (IPublic IP   pe.) like my DNS ..:

> server
...can't found  Server failded

(You see?.. a direct IP query for a reverse resolv don't work!.. )

But if a set my "server" parameter to my PDNS IP, then this reverse query work fine!.. In other words..
my reverse lookups work only if i use my own DNS server (PDNS server conected to internet) but.. 
If i use any other valid DNS server, I can't  make a reverse resolv, like my PDNS server can't resolv reverse querys to external lookups.

Can anyone help me?..

P.D  sorry, the English not is my native lenguage.. 

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