[Pdns-users] Still have problems with MASTER/SLAVE

Martin Kuchar lists at nss.wproduction.cz
Sun Dec 12 16:33:14 UTC 2004

I have still big problem with MASTER / SLAVE operations.

If i update record on master NS and increase serial#, he send notify to
slave NS. 
BUT: The slave NS ask master NS for serial and master replied from CACHE,
not from database !

As result, slave don't process AXFR, because he got old serial from master
cache and not new serial from database.

The solution is clear cache before send NOTIFY to slaves, but i cannot do
this, because i can only PHP, not C. 

Can please anybody help me ? I thing, that without patch for this function,
PowerDNS cannot process MASTER/SLAVE operations as expected.

The only workaround i have found is after modify master, manualy put
"pdns_control purge domain.com$" followed with "pdns_control notify
domain.com". But i cannot do this from PHP script, because of permission

Martin Kuchar

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