[Pdns-users] how to update al domains automatically on NS2 and NS3

Roeland Buisman robuisman at axess.nl
Wed Dec 8 11:31:12 UTC 2004

I have 3 nameservers PDNS with mysql on Linux. 
In the last year there are many differences between the domains in NS1
and NS2 and NS3 
NS1 has all the correct settings, but NS2 and 3 do not always have.
There are missing domains, wrong records etc.. 
My question is, how can i manage that i synchronise the two other
nameservers with NS1. I can do it manually, by changing a record via the
webadmin, but i guess i should do it by changing a serial or something
for all domains in Mysql ? 
Roeland Buisman
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