[Pdns-users] Don't set the SOA serial to 0 when using Generic MySQL

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu Aug 12 16:51:09 UTC 2004

On 12 8 2004 at 7:19 am -0400, Simon Ƙstengaard wrote:

>It seems that I have to set the SOA serial manually for all my zones if I
>want to use the gmysql backend. Is there no solution for autocalculating
>these serial number for this backend?

I have come to the same conclusion.  I just run a perl script now
whenever I make changes to a few things that does something like this:

    # Update the SOA records to reflect the current time in serial number.
    # Has to be YYYYMMDDNN format due to legacy constraints
    @a = localtime($time);
    $soatime = sprintf("%04d%02d%02d%02d", $a[5]+1900, $a[4]+1, $a[3],
    do_pdns_query "UPDATE records SET content='$ZADM{PRIMARYHOSTNAME}
support.zygoat.ca $soatime 120 120 600 120', change_date='$time' WHERE

It would be nice if PDNS would be smarter this way, but alas.  On the
other hand, since some of my existing zones were using the canonical
date-like serial format, I realised that the unix timestamp wouldn't cut
it anyhow (since as a scalar it was too small, being a couple of digits

In the above, the last two digits represent a percentage of time through
the day, which means as long as I don't make updates more frequently than
every 11 minutes or so, it is unnecessary to think about the serial.


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