[Pdns-users] Don't set the SOA serial to 0 when using Generic MySQL

Jakub Jermar jermar at itbs.cz
Thu Aug 12 14:25:57 UTC 2004

A while ago, I reported a related problem, but sadly no one gave it a damn.
As for the unix timestamp, i think it is because of the typo in documentaion.
I am strongly convinced that you need a slightly modified query from that in the documentation
(last_check vs. notified_serial).

Just for the case someone wants to comment on this, my problem was, that pdns never updated
notified_serial for my slave domains, so I was receiving the message about AXFR transfer being
commited every minute. I suspected there was a bug in pdns, but no one replied so I don't know.
Maybe it was only a misconfiguration. Bert, what do you think?

Best regards,

Cituji z emailu od Simon Østengaard <SimonO at ascio.com>:

> This is form the release notes of powerdns 2.9.5:
> "Generic backends do not support SOA serial autocalculation, it appears.
> Could lead to random SOA serials in case of a serial of 0 in the database.
> Fixed so that 0 stays zero in that case. Don't set the SOA serial to 0 when
> using Generic MySQL or Generic PostgreSQL!"
> It seems that I have to set the SOA serial manually for all my zones if I
> want to use the gmysql backend. Is there no solution for autocalculating
> these serial number for this backend?
> When I try to set the serial to 0 the server gives me the current unix time
> as the serial in the answer.
> Best regards,
> Simon Østengaard
> Ascio Technologies Inc.
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