[Pdns-users] Strange cache (?) Problem

H.T. pdns at net-com.de
Thu Aug 19 14:10:52 UTC 2004


the Problem: I've an A Records (lets say host2.mydom.com) which pdns
translated to IP (queried with dig and nslookup on
differend machines)
This Ip was never inserted into the database for host2.mydom.com

The Problem originated after an A entry like host2.host1.mydom.com was
made (e.g. while A host1.mydom.com -> was
still in the db. A query on host2.host1.mydom.com resulted in, host1.mydom.com was still Then
host2.host1.mydom.com was deleted from the database and
host2.mydom.com was inserted with Query on host2.mydom.com resulted
surprisingly too in 4x255. If i edit the Ip for host2 e.g. to everything is fine, right answers on dig and
nslookup, Mysql database always shows the right enties so I thought
it might be a chaching problem, restarted the server,
purged the cache, force-reloded etc. but no effect...

any suggestions how to make pdns translate host2.mydom.com to ?

PowerDns 2.9.16, Backend: mysql 4.0.16, OS: Debian(Sarge)

Best Regards
Heiner                          mailto:pdns at net-com.de

PS: please excuse my "strange" writing, it is quite difficult to
explain this in english

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