[Pdns-users] Auto-increment SOA

Steve Sobol sjsobol at JustThe.net
Thu Oct 23 04:41:35 UTC 2003

Steve Sobol wrote:

> When I use 0 as the serial number in the SOA, is there any way to get
> PowerDNS to actually output the highest change_date value for the domain
> (instead of the system timestamp) as the SOA? My serials have all been
> in the format 200XMMDDSS and the system timestamp starts with 16....
> I'm setting the change_date to the system timestamp + 1000000000
> to get it to be higher than the serials I had with Bind but pdns still
> outputs the actual timestamp as the serial value.

A bit of stupidity: If I go back to the old YYYYMMDDSS format, 
soa_serial_offset is added to the serial number, but if the serial 
number is 0, it's not... soa_serial_offset should work in concert with 
the auto serial # feature, no?

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