[Pdns-users] PowerDNS 2.9.12 released!

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Mon Oct 27 14:47:30 UTC 2003

  See http://downloads.powerdns.com and http://www.powerdns.com/downloads/

  Release rich in features. Work on Verisign oddities, addition of SQLite
  backend, pdns_recursor maturity.

   New features:

     * --version command (requested by Mike Benoit)

     * delegation-only, a Verisign special. See Section 12.1.1.

     * Generic SQLite support, by Michel 'Who da man?' Stol. See Section A.7.

     * init.d script for pdns_recursor

     * Recursor now actually purges its cache, saving memory.

     * Slave configuration now no longer falls over when presented with a
       NULL master

     * Bindbackend2 now has supermaster support (Mark Bergsma, untested)

     * Answers are now shuffled! It turns out a few recursors don't do
       shuffling (pdns_recursor, djbdns), so we do it now. Requested by Jorn
       of ISP-Services.


     * didn't use to work (Norbert Sendetzky)

     * pdns_recursor would try to resolve IP address which to bind to,
       potentially causing chicken/egg problem

     * gpgsql no longer reports as gmysql (Sherwin Daganoto)

     * SRV would not be parsed right from disk (Christof Meerwald)

     * An AXFR from a zone hosted on the LDAP backend no longer transmits all
       the reverse entries too (Norbert Sendetzky)

     * PostgreSQL backend now does error checking. It would be a bit too
       trusting before.

   Improvements, cleanups:

     * PowerDNS now reports the numerical IP addresses it binds to instead of
       the, possibly, alphanumeric names the operator passed.

     * Removed only-soa hackery (noticed by Norbert Sendetzky)

     * Debian packaging fixes (Wichert Akkerman)

     * Some parameter descriptions were improved.

     * Cleanups by Norbert: getAuth moved to chopOff, arguments::contains
       massive cleanup, more.

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