[Pdns-users] database structure (records table)

Markus Welsch markus.welsch at suk.de
Sun Nov 30 12:52:36 UTC 2003

Hi all,

Since I'm about to switch away from good old BIND, I'm currently doing a 
research on auth nameservers and came accross PowerDNS. It's currently 
my favourite because of it's MySQL backend.

I've taken a quick look on it's database structure and I'm wondering if 
that can be improved (and other peoples thoughts about it). As a base 
for all of this you can check out RFC 1035 
(http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1035.html) and the PowerDNS documentation 

The following is a short list of things I've noticed while taking a 
closer look at the records table:

1) Is it really neccessary to put the full name in the name coloumn?
    For instance the www-record of example.com: www.example.com ?

2) "priority" only affects MX record types (preference), is there a
    specific reason on putting it in there for every record?

3) What is change_date used for in the records table?
    Is it really required to know when EACH record has been changed?
    Wouldn't it be enough knowing when the zone changed?

4) Naming of the attributes in the table. I think those should
    be named after RFC 1035: content = RDATA, prio = PREFERENCE,



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