[Pdns-users] Round Robin DNS Failover under PowerDNS

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Sat Nov 29 17:40:04 UTC 2003

Cool :-)

On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 09:49:24AM +0100, Ben Merrills wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't' know if anyone is interested, but I've written a Round Robin
> failover DNS updater for PowerDNS (at the moment, only those using MySQL
> backend). It's just a simple process with an XML configuration file that
> scans groups of servers and waits till the current master times out,
> then updates to the next in the list (if it's alive). It will keep doing
> this till all possibilities have been exhausted.
> On failover or chanveover, dnsmanager can be made to execute a process
> or script. I used this to send myself a text when the DNS changeover was
> made.
> If you find this at all useful, or would like any assistance getting it
> working (it's written in .NET so compiles under both Mono and .NET 1.1,
> and has been tested on both (release binary compiled under mono), please
> email me (bugs_at_xdev.net). Although this version is still in beta,
> it's very stable and mostly just lacks good error output for
> configuration parsing.
> Find the tar and binary at:
> http://muad.xdev.net/Projects/dnsmanager/
> Ensure you setup the servers.xml before running the application.
> Also, the command line to launch dnsmanager is as follows:
> ./dnsmanager --config /path/to/servers.xml
> Thanks again, hope this is handy to someone else too!
> Ben Merrills
> Griffin Internet
> http://www.griffin.com

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