[Pdns-users] "pdns monitor" works but not "pdns start"

isc10906 isc10906 at nus.edu.sg
Sat Nov 22 07:05:29 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I'm new to PDNS and having a problem with the startup script/pdns_server
binary. I copied the pdns startup script to /etc/init.d (redhat 7.3
system) with the pdns.conf file correctly in place.

I've tested the installation by running "service pdns monitor" and a
subsequent dig at the IP address shows fine (for the example domains as
described in the documents).

However when I do a "service pdns start", a dig at the same IP address
reports "no servers could be reached" but a nmap scan shows that PDNS is
listening on port 53 of the IP address.

Got a feeling this is an elementary problem but couldn't find a solution
to this searching through the archives. Can anyone advise? Thanks in



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