[Pdns-users] Windows 2000 Name Server migration

mat at hypermax.net.au mat at hypermax.net.au
Tue Nov 18 11:34:39 UTC 2003

Hi Guys,

Im planing to migrate our Windows 2000 name server to PDNS. I have it all 
setup with the PDNS Recursor functioning as well. The whole thing works really 
well. Now I need to import about 1000 domains from our Win2k name server to 
PDNS. The zone2sql tool reads the 2k .dns files of each domain really well and 
outputs the appropriate sql command to insert the data into the sql table. 
What it DOESNT do is add the domain to the domain table first so the domain_id 
entry is unique for each domain I import. 

Has any ever imported multiple domains from Win2K to PDNS? Any suggestions on 
a good way to do this apart from go and write an entire routine to parse 
the .dns files and punch them into sql?


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