[Pdns-users] Support for experimental RRs in PowerDNS

José Luis Tallón jltallon at adv-solutions.net
Wed May 28 11:42:34 UTC 2003

Hi everyone.

First of all, thanks to the PDNS Team for creating such good nameserver 
software .

Having recently read about the draft proposal for RMX[1], I just wondered 
if we will be able to have such support built in PowerDNS ( provided it 
gets accepted as an RFC / BCP / STD ).
[1] http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-danisch-dns-rr-smtp-01.txt

 From my (little) knowledge of pdns' internals, i would say RMX would be no 
problem ( just a matter a new RR, using the existing infrastructure ). It 
is the implementation of the APL RR what worries me -- it can surely be 
implemented by a little 'abuse' of the current record storage: either by 
using multiple rows for the different subrecords or by implementing a 
parser for the "data" field ( column ).

So, do you plan on implementing RRs if the proposal ever becomes an RFC / 
BCP , Bert ??

Thanks in advance.

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