[Pdns-users] Slave + LDAP; PDNS both master and slave;

Meder Bakirov bakirov at transfer.kg
Wed May 28 09:08:29 UTC 2003

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Hi list!

I have read previous posts and found that being a slave for other zones with 
MySQL or/and Bind is not a problem: MySQL has a transaction support, and Bind 
creates a temp. file and if everything's OK renames it.

But is it possible to do that with LDAP? How a zone info is updated in case of 
LDAP usage? Is it OK to store all DNS info in LDAP - will it create any 
performance issues?

My another question is: Is it possible to be both a master for my own zones 
and a slave for some other zones with PDNS? 

Also, how can I configure PDNS as a caching only nameserver?

Thank you very much!

P.S. Also I have a suggestion (how about) having all pdns_* as a pdns* or 
pdns-*, like pdns_server --> pdnsserver or pdns-sever, pdns_control --> 
pdnscontrol or pdns-control, pdnsrecursor or pdns-recursor, pdnscache or 
pdns-cache. I think this way is more user-friendlier than now :-). All things 
listed above is IMHO and just an improvement (maybe) suggestion.
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